Child of the Stone - CoverChild of the Stone

Avar-Tek Event 4
eBook – Short Story

When an old peasant in medieval Spain unearths an ancient box, he discovers a power that will change his life. A silver plate promises to bring him and his wife out of poverty, but the true treasure lies hidden in another artifact: a simple stone. Once he discovers the stone’s powers, he must either tell the truth and forfeit it to the authorities, or let his greed corrupt it.


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     Mud, heavy and everywhere-clinging, fought against Juan with the vile tenacity of a demonic legion. Clumps stuck to the bottom of his boots when he lifted his leg. When he stepped down to guide the plow forward, the mud changed its mind and let go, slipping under foot. He caught his chin on the plow handles. Double-minded slime of hell. The ox pulled the plow and under the same curse, heaved its legs up and out of the mud with a slick-pop, slick-pop. There are no flames in hell, only mud. I’m sure of it.

     He should have avoided this low, wet spot, but he didn’t want to make short furrows. Blinking from the sweat that stung his eyes, he gripped the handles harder and ignored the pain. I am too old for this, fifty-two years too old. If I had a son, he would be out here. He looked up at the sky. “What did I do to be cursed with a barren wife?” Juan resumed his mud penance in solitude.

     His foot struck something in the mud, not a rock, but something with a squared corner. “Paras!” The ox stopped. Juan stooped down and traced the edge of the object with his fingers. He could only see one corner; mud covered the rest. He dug deeper, searching for another corner, scraping off clumps of soil. Freeing it from the mud’s grip would be more than hand work. Alone in the field and with no one else to tell of his discovery …

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