Avar-Tek Event 3
eBook – Short Story
For Alexander Sevik, providing for his family is hard enough without losing grip on reality. His dreams are real. One night, he lives the entire life of a deckhand on a Spanish galleon. The next night, it’s life as an ancient Roman senator. Next, he is a cyborg on a space cruiser. When he wakes, he sometimes forgets who he is. His hands tingle for no reason, and the strange man who is following him talks about aliens. When he discovers the key to his dreams, he uncovers a national threat. And he has to choose between his own sanity or saving lives.
Reader’s Reviews:
five yellow stars – “An wonderful futuristic look at the world where technology has pushed the limits of imagination but human nature remains the same. The story is fast paced and exciting, just like I like them. Good story! One I could not put down and wished were longer. I can’t wait for the next book from Justin Tyme.”
~ by Kay in an Amazon review
five yellow stars – “This is the third short story from this author, and I have enjoyed each one: A Taste of Earth, Death Has No Shadow, and this one. Each story involves a new point of view on possible new technology. In this one, Alexander Sevik is struggling to make ends meet for his family. He is a brilliant man with a promising new program, but he is haunted by dreams that are to real, memory loss, and loss of feeling in his fingers. I really enjoyed the mystery of what was happening to Alex and how it all folds out. Wish I could say more, but it would spoil the major plot twist.”
~ by Bobbie Bookworm in an Amazon review


Cohesion Lost - chapter header

Acacia Apartments

     “The good news is,” I said, “it’s not cancer.”

     Jana sat across the dining room table. A long day of worry had frizzled her shoulder-length brown hair, and dark circles shadowed her beautiful brown eyes. Now that the boys were asleep, any pretense of practicing English had been put aside so we spoke in our native language. “And the bad news?”

     I smiled, but it was forced. The war scar tugged on my right cheek. “He told me to see a specialist, because he doesn’t know what it is.”

     “And how are we going to pay for this?” Jana rubbed her knuckles. Her thumb pressed hard, making the skin beneath it chafe and turn white. She would rather stay at home with me and our two boys than work her night job as a custodian. It was beneath her. She didn’t have a degree, but had taken some university-level classes. She deserved better.

     “I’m not going to go. I can’t.” Frustration burned with hints of rage. “I should be able to provide for us all. A Master’s Degree in Computer Science should have landed me a better job than an auto mechanic. We had been in this country for a year now, and do you know what they say in the interviews? ‘Alexander, you don’t have enough experience in this country.’ But I know it’s because of my heavy accent. Well, I’m about to change that. I’m a man of action and I’m going to prove my worth. I’m not going to sit around and get fat on public assistance.”

     “You need that assistance. What if your problem serious?”

     “It’s not.”

     “It’s not?” Tears rolled down her cheeks. “How can you say that with this … this tingling you have? You try to hide it, but I see you rubbing them and shaking your hands. It scares me, Alex. And it’s affecting your mind too…

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