Darrell Newton sitting on a bench

Born in Simi Valley, California, Darrell Newton attended twelve different schools until he finally got it right and was graduated from a high school on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The Cypriots soon realized it was in their national interest to ship Darrell back to the United States. He meandered through college until the administration bribed him to leave with two apparently contradictory degrees: Theology and Electrical Engineering. He is currently working as an electrical engineer, robotics programmer, landlord, part time farmer, and father of seven. Sometimes he even writes a thing or two.

Darrell Newton is the author of historical science fiction short stories and novels based on questions like:

  • What would you do with a stone that heals anything?
  • If you could look like anyone, who would it be?
  • What happens when time travelers lose their tools?
Darrell Newton & Friends at a Book Signing at the Orrville Library 2022