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That Hideous Strength cover showing a standing bear about to attack a man in a white lab coat

 July's book is Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi.

Book review video to be released on 07-03-2022.

WE have moved the review of A.D. 30  by Ted Dekker to August.

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More to Explore Non-Woke Short Stories by Darrell Newton

Interested in science fiction written from a Christian perspective?

Are you looking for clean stories without pushing a WOKE worldview?

Explore more and download a short story at the lowest price Amazon allows.


A meteorite impact changes the environment. NASA’s Near Earth Asteroid team must discover why the fragments act as an intelligent lifeform before Earth is destroyed.

A military accident releases swarms of microscopic robots nanites, and science intern Kutisha finds that her lab is their target.

When Alexander Sevik discovers the key to his nightmares, he uncovers a national threat. And he must choose between his own sanity and saving lives.

When an old peasant in medieval Spain unearths an ancient box, he discovers a power that will change his life. He must either tell the truth and forfeit the power to the authorities, or let his greed corrupt it. 

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That Hideous Strength cover showing a standing bear about to attack a man in a white lab coat

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