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How to Win an eBook We Have Reviewed

How do you win an eBook we have reviewed?

Simple. It costs you nothing. Do the following:

Win an eBook in Our Monthly Giveaway

  1. Like one of the videos below and subscribe to the channel.
  2. Sign up for my newsletter.
  3. Select which eBook you want.


    You’re in for the drawing. If you don’t win this month, you’ll automatically be entered into next month’s drawing.

    Note: I’m just some guy who writes science fiction stories. I have a regular job and don’t want your personal information other than to send you this eBook and let you know when I release my next novel.

    Thanks again for signing up.

    Select from Any Book Reviewed this Year

    Win an eBook of Out of the Silent Planet. This image shows the cover of the book with a spherical spaceship that has landed on an alien planet. A man stands silhouetted in the ship's doorway.
    Win an eBook of Perelandra.
This image is of the book's cover showing a man and woman riding dolphin-like creatures in a choppy amber sea.
    That Hideous Strength.
This image is of the book's cover showing a standing bear about to attack a man in a white lab coat
    Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus book cover
    A.D. 30 Book Cover
    The Critical Quran - Cover
    Fahrenheit-451Cover showing a black book on a red background. The book slides out at the top like a box of matches.

    For more information about the review hosts, check out
    John Newton and Your Brother in Christ on YouTube.

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