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What Is The Shadows of Time Series?

The Shadows of Time is a series of science fiction novels I’ve been working on for … well, let’s just say, a while. I’m excited to soon share all the plot twists, intriguing technology, thrills, emotional rollercoasters, and characters you’ll love.

Here’s a quick glimpse behind the scenes at what started the events in the series.

The Temporal War

Shadows of Time soldiers. Three soldiers in fog braced for action. Black armor and helmets with six glowing red slits for eyes.

Soldiers from a future war went back to 3188 B.C. to alter events and avert bloodshed …

Temporal Archives, Records of Epi, Vol. I

Problem: The enemy nation is about to overwhelm your country. You fear genocide. Their technology is centuries beyond yours. They even have time machines.

Fix: Kill their founders.

I have no choice. Steal their time machine. Go back in time and kill the founders of their nation. Return home to a glorious future.

Can they follow you back in time?


Too bad for you. They follow you back and then wipe out your founders. You
both lose.

Well then, I can set things up to give my nation an advantage. I’ll just go back farther and—

So do they. You’ll just keep going back and so do they until your equipment breaks down, you kill each other, or you realize there’s nothing you can do to recreate your home. Even if you jump back to the year you left, history has changed it. It’s gone. Your family, your nation, your culture are lost.

Stuck in the Past

… but the soldiers could not return to their time. Stuck in 3500 BC, they chose their new destiny. Should they become like gods with their technology and rule these primitives, or should they stay in the shadows and try to fix the mess they made?

Temporal Archives, Records of Epi, Vol. I

If you were stuck in the past with technology, what would you do?

I would try to make the world a better place. We can learn from history. That’s another advantage I have over people in the past. I know what could happen. Socialism will work this time.

As you consider the best way to experiment with our ancestor’s lives, there’s something you should be aware of.


We Are Ripping Spacetime

The big rip - image of space with some kind of linear anomaly splitting the center, glowing and fragmenting space.

The soldiers from the future split into two groups. The Key’ari view the new timeline as a fresh chance to correct the errors of their past, and they intend to manipulate it in hopes of creating a utopia. The other faction, the Sittiri, fear that continued intervention will further disrupt the spacetime continuum and destroy the galaxy.

Temporal Archives, Records of Earth, Vol. I

Forget climate change. Our jumping back in time is threatening the fabric of spacetime.

I don’t believe it.

Every we jumped back we created at least one new timeline. This created temporal tension that won’t be resolved until the two timelines recombine. The more we jumped back, the more the temporal tension increased. Eventually the tension will rip spacetime itself.

I still don’t believe it.

Neither did the Key’ari.

A Race to Save Time

The Sittiri fear that continued intervention will disrupt the continuum and destroy Earth. As the war escalates, the Sittiri discover Francisco; a teenager predicted to be “One of Six” who will end the war. Each faction strives to recruit him without killing him or ripping apart time.

Temporal Archives, Records of Earth, Vol. XLVII

The Shadows of Time series shows how the Sittiri strive to recruit six people who will end the time war while preventing the Key’ari from ripping spacetime.

The first of these novels is The Healing Stone, coming soon.

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